Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding the MBA Programs in China

    • Tsinghua, PKU, CEIBS, CKGSB, Fudan, SJTU, HKUST, HKU,

    • Which is right for you?

    • The application process, research, reaching out, connections, culture...

  • 2

    GMAT / GRE

    • How to prepare / other options / which are necessary / uni exams / required grades

  • 3

    Interview Preparation

    • Researching the school, your strengths, how to prepare, reaching out to students

  • 4

    Submitting Your Application

    • The essay questions, key things to notice

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Richard Coward - CEO China Admissions


Richard Coward

Richard Coward is CEO of China Admissions. He has originally studied at Peking University and has visited every business school in China. He has helped many students get accepted to top MBA Programs in China.

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